Hertz, training for researchers works together with the following independent trainers and training actors.

Brigitte Hertz

Dr. Brigitte Hertz is a social psychologist. She began her career as a research associate at the Interfaculty Environmental Science Department of the University of Amsterdam. She combined her research work with setting up and coordinating educational programs and giving training courses to groups of students from different disciplines. Over ten years ago she turned this line of work into her own business. She also coordinated a number of administrative and educational projects at VU University. Nowadays she works fulltime in her own business, working together with a number of trainers and training actors. The training courses are developed especially for researchers and combine a great diversity of stimulating working methods and an informal style with a structured and effective approach. Brigitte is author of the book ‘Presentation of Research’ and co-author of the book ‘Finished in Four. Project management for PhDs’. She did her PhD on Scientific presentations with PowerPoint.

Brigitte Hertz has more than 20 years of experience in creating training courses, educational programs, organizing conferences and symposia. She will gladly help you think of ways to realize an effective and original conference, or chair your department’s ‘day in the woods.’ Whether to help make problems open to discussion or to spark a creative thinking process, or both, Brigitte is pleased to be of your assistance. Key words in her working method are: clear targets and results, creative viewpoints, good atmosphere and the use of original materials.

Jeanine de Bruin - Hertz trainingen voor wetenschappers

Jeanine de Bruin

Drs. Jeanine de Bruin is a biologist and entrepreneur on the cutting edge of science and new media. She is specialized in interactive communication. She is also the co-author of ‘Projectmanagement for PhD’s.’ www.hakunamatata.nl

Daniël Schut

Drs. Daniël Schut is a political scientist, debater and communications and negotiations trainer. He won the prestigious Oxford Intervarsity as well as twice winning the Dutch National Eloquence Championship. He is also co-author of the book ‘Argumentatie en debat‘ (2014) www.deluistervinken.nl

Caroline Rehbach

Drs. Caroline Rehbach has a master’s degree in Occupational and Organizational Psychology and is specialised in and has more than 15 years of experience in training and coaching people. She has expertise in the field of talent- and career development, stress and personal presentation. Caroline is a certified coach at the International Coach Federation (ICF). www.psycholoogencoach.nl

Maarten Bordewijk

Drs. Maarten Bordewijk has a degree in East European Studies and after following various training programs he now is an experienced professional in personal and organizational development.  www.bordewijk-training.nl


Ellis Vyth

Ellis Vyth, PhD. is giving communication training to researchers. Furthermore, she frequently gives workshops about nutrition, health and science communication to diverse groups. She is an expert in creating multi-disciplinary collaborations between research, policy and practice. www.ellisvyth.nl

Marline Tjeenk Willink

Ir. Marline Tjeenk Willink (WUR) is communication trainer and also study-choice coach. She has a lot of experience with the themes project management, leadership skills, team coaching and interpersonal communication. She also trains starting coaches and trainers.

Steven Flipse

Dr. ir. Steven Flipse is trainer and currently works at the Delft University of Technology as  an Assistant Professor in Science Communication. He teaches and does research on the role of communication in innovation development.

Hertz trainingen - leiderschapsontwikkeling

Peter Verkerk

Dr. Peter Verkerk is an independant advisor, trainer and coach for more than 15 years. He is a Social – and also a Work & Organizational Psychologist who is specialized in leadership development, cohesion, functions and behaviour in organizations.

Annemart Berendse - Hertz, trainingen voor wetenschappers

Annemart Berendse

Annemart Berendse MSc has worked for 15 years in several management positions in operations at universities, among them Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden. Alongside her work Annemart followed courses in management training and (provocative) coaching, and is a professional management trainer (NOBTRA) and NOBCO-coach. She focuses on management and leadership skills as well as socials skills, especially for the highly educated.









Alet Wildmann

Alet Wildmann is a speech therapist and also works as a voice teacher at various theater schools and in her own practice. She is professionally trained in elocution, singing techniques and presentation. www.vocaltoolbox.nl