Career Orientation

This course is for anyone who is nearing the end of his or her contract, or who wants to make a switch to something else before that time, but doesn’t know where to start. Point of departure is discovering the own wishes and skills. This course is also suitable if you are considering leaving the halls of academia behind for other sectors. Mutual sharing of experiences is an explicit part of this course. It is a practical hands-on course with many homework assignments.

identity-skills-strategyWe focus on the following points:

  • Exploring what would be your dream job
  • Naming your own skills
  • Network conversations
  • Job applications and interviews

If you are more interested in an individual career orientation course, it is possible to make an appointment for Career coaching.

A participant about this course: “I attended a Career Orientation course given by Hertz in the Fall of 2016. It helped me put the interesting pieces of my personality, motivations, skills, and objectives together to formulate the career of my dream. I enjoyed making a collage of my career path using random pictures. It was to me like making sense out of a puzzle. It was very interactive, informative, and exploratory. I looked forward to each course day with much interest and expectations. Now I know what are of priority in my next job(s). I therefore recommend this course to you” – Ernest Beckee Aliche