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Use of Powerpoint

Scientific Presentations with PowerPoint – a complete thesis summarized in 10 useful tips

Spotlight on the Presenter, A study into presentations of conference papers with PowerPoint, Hertz, B., 2015. PhD Thesis

E-book Durf in de spotlight te staan – tips voor PowerPoint presentaties, Dr. B. Hertz, 2016

Why Do Scholars Use PowerPoint the Way They Do? Hertz, B., van Woerkum, C. and Peter Kerkhof. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 2015, Vol. 78(3) 273– 29

PowerPoint Slides as Speaking Notes: The Influence of Speaking Anxiety on the Use of Text on Slides. Hertz, B., Kerkhof, P. and C. van Woerkum. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 2016, Vol. 79(3) 348– 359

Wetenschappelijke presentaties met PowerPoint. Schadelijke software? Hertz, B., van Woerkum, C. Kerkhof, P. (2013). In: Boogaart, R. & Janssen, H. (red.). (2013) Studies in taalbeheersing. Van Gorcum. Assen, p. 125-134 


Opening en Conclusion

Function of pictures in presentations


Structuring a presentation

Transition words


Coupled neural systems underlie the production and comprehension of naturalistic narrative speech. Silberta et al. 2014 https://www.pnas.org/doi/full/10.1073/pnas.1323812111

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Oliver Sacks on Stage Fright. By John Horgan | June 20, 2015