IDN Training Programs

We are Partner Organization for several IDN programs of the EU and offer a variety of training courses for international groups of PhD students with the following topics:

  • Presenting
  • Time management and project management
  • Career planning
  • Negotiation,
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Gender and diversity in the workplace
  • Focus on the writing process

In the context of the latter:
Our new book, Academic Writing Support, is out! In this book, the focus is on the writing process.
We zoom in on the different skills needed to write effectively and enjoy writing, and we discuss different writing routines you can try out to find the one that suits you best.

Content + Chapter 1
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We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of collaborating in your IDN program.

The Participant Identification Code (PIC) for the legal entity is 916290810