Media training

Communication with the media and the general public

As a researcher you will like to disseminate your findings among a wider audience. It can be important for you to have your findings implemented in society, to find funding for your research, to broaden your network or to promote science and research in general. You can address this audience directly in a presentation, or indirectly via the media by doing an interview or writing a short article for a website with scientific news. It is important to realise that these forms of communication require different skills than when communicating with other scientists.
When you communicate with the media and the general public, whether it is in an interview or writing for a website, you need to be concise, you need to use well-chosen examples, start with the most important findings of your research and avoid jargon. Furthermore, it helps when you are able to convey your enthusiasm about your work.

How do you put together a pithy presentation? How do journalists operate? How can you best prepare? How do you stay in control during the interview? These training courses are given in collaboration with Hakuna Matata, Science and Media.

We practice the following:Mediatraining-afb.1

  • Preparing an interview
  • My research in three minutes
  • Enthusiastic narrative
  • Difficult questions
  • Colorful language