The key to a good presentation is a presenter who tells an enthusiastic story and makes direct (eye) contact with the audience. But presenters often are a little anxious having the eyes of the audience on them. Therefore they are happy to have the audience look at the PowerPoint slides which they also use as a support for themselves, as a speaking note.

In this workshop you will learn a better way of presenting, by having an engaging story and making contact with your audience. We will discuss ways of dealing with nervousness and using PowerPoint only to show pictures that will support your story.

You will practice with:

  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Structure
  • A captivating introduction and a powerful conclusion
  • Use of pictures and PowerPoint
  • Enthusiasm
  • Contact with your audience
  • Dealing with anxiety


Check the website of Dr. PPT for useful scientific articles and tips on the use of PowerPoint in scientific presentations.