Scientific writing in English

Wet. schrijven in Eng-afb.1As an academic, you are expected to be able to write and publish in English, which can be a challenge for many non-native speakers of this language. Because you read English academic texts on a daily basis, you may recognize that the tone, structure and style of the texts written by native speakers differ from yours, but it may still be difficult to pinpoint what makes them so different and what you need to do to improve your own writing accordingly.

During the workshop Academic Writing in English you will learn to identify the most important problem areas for non-native speakers of English and to improve your English on the basis of a wide range of practical tips.

The workshop will consist of the following components:

  • Addressing common grammar mistakes
  • Expanding your academic vocabulary
  • Identifying the unique tone and style of the English academic genre
  • Writing effective, coherent paragraphs and sentences in English