Time and project management for PhD students

Succesvol Promoveren-afb2In this training course participants discover how to work more effectively. To make more effective use of your time the first thing you need to do is formulate clear goals, and translate them into con-crete steps. Next the crucial thing is to give strict priority to these steps and not allow yourself to be distracted by other, more fun, important or interesting activities. It is also important to clearly com-municate to your colleagues and managers what your priorities are and to deal with your own work rhythm effectively.

In this course, PhD students get to make use of a planning schedule for the entire PhD program. This seems difficult at first, because how can you plan a project when the outcome of the research is not yet known; what’s more, is dependent on so many uncertain factors? We can show you that a large part of the PhD can be planned very well and participants learn to apply the rules of project planning to their PhD. Using the PhD planner everyone makes a concrete planning schedule. This system is free for everyone to use and can be found at www.projectmanagementforphds.com

Participants learn to:TM + PM - afb.2

  • Set specific goals
  • Determine their optimal working hours
  • Make a weekly planning schedule
  • Apply the rules of project management
  • Make a planning schedule for the entire PhD program

Materials: the book Project management for PhDs.