Writing an academic paper

schrijftraining2Academic paper writing is possibly one of the most important, yet difficult tasks of young academics. Papers summarize the academic work you have done; they are your outlet to the academic world and the starting point for your academic reputation. During an interactive workshop, which includes writing exercises, reading examples of (higher and lower quality) articles, and peer-to-peer feedback, the following topics are addressed and practiced:

  • Journal selection criteria and impact factors
  • Article aim, questions and set-up
  • Structuring information and content selection
  • Writing strategies
  • Writing an abstract
  • Academic language
  • Effective sentences and paragraph structures
  • Properly drawing conclusions
  • Using references properly
  • Tips and tricks for figures and tables

I have a much better understanding of which aspects are important to focus on when writing a proposal (uniqueness, expertise, impact) and how the selection process works. (grant writing)