The Art of Finishing Up

Many PhD students make their plan for writing the thesis in the first year of their PhD. They receive training in Time Management that gives them tools to work more efficiently.

Later on their work activities change, they run into new obstacles, and their research usually becomes even more complex. They are expected to work more independently as time passes. Time pressure increases and sometimes a few of the good time management habits have receded into the background.

In the last two years of the PhD, it also becomes important for PhD students to think about their career that will follow the completion of the thesis. When they have an idea of which direction they want to go, which skills they already possess, and how they can take the first steps, they will find it easier to complete the final stage of the PhD.

We provide a one-day training course for PhD students who are in the last or second-to-last year of their PhD to help them complete this on time. Working together with them, we refresh their knowledge of good time management tools, ensure that they formulate new goals and sub-goals, and that they translate them into concrete actions. What’s more, we help them to look to the future by making them aware of their transferable skills; skills that are key to their own personal added value for their future career.