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Brigitte Hertz - Hertz, training for scientists

The training programs of Hertz, training for scientists are especially developed for PhDs, postdocs and professors. They learn to work more effectively and with more fun, and also to be able to work better together with their colleague-scientists. The training programs are purposeful and informal, with a variety of working methods.
As a participant, you are confronted with practical exercises and you will receive personal feedback. After the training program or workshop, you have obtained new insights and helpful guidance for your daily practice. We exclusively work with senior trainers who have worked as scientists themselves and/or are very experienced.

Hertz, training for scientists - chairing conferencesBrigitte Hertz has more than 20 years experience in developing educational programs and in organizing conferences and symposia. She very much likes to think and work with you to carefully realize an effective and original conference. She also is a very involved facilitator and can chair your department’s ‘day in the woods’.
Key words: clear goals and results, creative angles, pleasant atmosphere and use of original material.

  •  “We have learned a great deal from the experience of Hertz, training for scientists. Where other soft skill courses sometimes linger at an abstract level, or fail to add (practical tips) to existing knowledge, your approach is very hands-on, innovative and absorbing. For each of us you had tailor-made advice and insights. On top of that, the atmosphere was very pleasant.”