Business English for Academics

In your career as an academic you generally gain quite some experience in writing academic texts or giving presentations at international conferences. However, it may be the English that you use in other contexts and genres, such as a business context, that you do not have as much experience with. You may notice how long it actually takes you to write a proper business email; how nervous you feel when you have to make a call in English, or how difficult it is to find the right words and to take active part in an international meeting. As an academic you do not receive any guidance in acquiring these business English skills, whereas they may be of great importance to you if you are considering continuing your career outside of academia.

In the workshop Business English for Academics you learn how to use English effectively and efficiently in a business context.
Wet. schrijven in Eng-afb.1The workshop will consist of the following components:

  • Improving common grammar mistakes
  • Improving your pronunciation & intonation
  • Expanding your business vocabulary
  • Gaining insight into the structure and style of business emails and letters
  • Applying politeness strategies and finding the right tone